My life purpose is to help the healing of myself so I can help people, animals, and the earth. I strive to be a conduit for Spirit, challenging my limitations of empathy, and learning to listen intently. I channel this work through my readings, healing circles, music, and art. As a spiritualist, I offer oracle readings, healing circles, and workshops. I currently reside in Portland, Oregon.

Originally from Miami, FL, I was raised Catholic from my Cuban and Colombian parents. Through that I learned the value of ritual and gained a strong connection with mother Mary who bestowed me to my birth mother on this earth during the Epiphany. During my teen years after rejecting the church, my practice developed through studying Wicca and making my own ceremonies and magic. I did not connect well with Wicca but it did introduce me into nature based spirituality and the Goddess.

Now my practice is rooted in meditation and heart expansion, sprouting from the earth and syncing with the universe, open to whatever form it comes in. I work with my helping spirits, both only known to me and known to others, and most importantly my direct communication with the Source. All my creative and spiritual practices help me to elevate my intuition. It is all about channeling through this wonderful gifted vessel of creation that I get to call, myself. I also connect to Spirit through my Ancestors and have Caribbean, South American, and southern European lineages that speak to me.

I am open to my Ancestors, the Christ spirit, Mother Mary, Santa Muerte, Grandmother Moon, the Bodhisattvas, and any other energy or aspect of creation that comes to me with love and serves on behalf of Spirit for the higher good. I prefer to learned from different spirituality and wisdom practices, eastern and western, as I believe in a balance of will and receiving.

I have been blessed with a strong connection to Spirit and the Earth as well as having a solid team of guides and protectors since birth. I was very aware of them from a young age, as well as my own intuitive and energetic abilities, but without any guidance or words for it. In my knowingness I discovered being sensitive to the energy in objects, places, and people. Since childhood I have been a devote of the moon, could feel mountains, spoken to the sea, and made good friends with trees.

As an adult, I have been blessed to have wonderful earthly teachers such as Whiteeage Kondorkanki Graywolf in Perris, CA, Ricardo Galvan in Los Angeles, CA, and Seamus Malone in Sacramento, CA. With their teachings I have worked in community with predominantly South American, Shamanism, Curanderismo, Celtic Shamanism, and some Northern American Indigenous groups.

How I Am Involved with the Community

As a member of the spiritual community I offer individual oracle and divination readings. I also host and coordinate healing circles, spiritually based festivals, and workshops such as the Healing Arts Festival in Sacramento, CA. Also there I established and previously facilitated Dark of the Moon Women’s Circle which is a new moon women and women inclusive ceremonial and sharing circle. I’ve held other circles and spiritually based workshops such as Heart Opening & Crystal Meditations at Sunlight of the Spirit.

And So it Is.

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