Where I get my information for you, how, and why.

I adhere to the belief that all things in the Universe are connected and because of this, we are able to connect from any place and timeline. I strive to provide messages from this universal connection from your higher self and spirit team with compassion and non-judgment.

The format of the reading involves asking the subject of the reading or what your specific question is. I then draw the appropriate type and amount of cards to begin your query and continue to pull cards as we go along. I use a combination of tarot and oracle cards. Other forms of divination may also be used if directed by Spirit to do so. You can either ask a specific question or we will work together with you sharing as little details as possible to create a question that will help bring forth the true heart of the subject. These questions often address how, what, and why. Focusing on what is to be learned rather than only solutions can be rewarding to help you see the bigger picture. Readings are intended for insight into the known and unknown and how the universe see’s you and your situation through their eyes.

It is helpful to think of your question ahead time. To help you come up with one that has the clearest of intentions, I recommend before our meeting, have a short meditation to help your mind clear before forming your question. Writing it down helps too and if you have a grounding practice. Having a specific question helps as life is packed with lots of details. Ask you spiritual team to help you form you question. You may find the question that comes up is not what you intended but another area of your life that is more pertinent to your spirit at this time. Even if you don’t know who you spirit team are or if you really have any, asking out loud allows the universe to send you this help.

Following my recommendations in this paragraph above will also help you if you are not sure what you want a reading about.

Readings do not work well if you are looking for a no or yes answer because helping spirits will not want to take away your free will. These readings work on what information is available at the present and allowed to be translated through me with yours and Spirits permission. While some predictive information can be revealed, these are not fortune telling readings and the future is always changing with each decision we make.

If you’re asking about a relationship, keep in mind the information will be generally directed towards speaking about you, your feelings, actions, and what is best for you. We cannot speak for another but their intentions can be revealed sometimes.

Involving money and career, sometimes the cards will ignore the financials altogether and go to the emotional and spiritual root for the situation. In my experience, Spirit sees money as one form of support to make sure we have what we need. Spirit wants us to have what we need and if we ask and it’s in your highest good, what you want. So in other words, these subjects are an avenue for sustainability rather than the main highway. That’s not to say more practical advise is not offered as well. It certainly can be if money is the root of the solution or problem.


Readings are conducted over Zoom, Google Meetup, Phone, or at a Public Space

Individual Readings

30 min $50

A 30 minute card reading offers enough time for an in depth response to one subject and one or two subsequent questions.

45 min $70 Great for a reading on a couple subjects or extended card layout.

Public & Private Event Readings

$125 per hr (2 hour minimum, up to 4 hours)

Event readings are a fun and unique addition to your parties, celebrations, and other kinds of get together. You will provide a small space at your event for me and another person to sit and do readings at with a reasonable amount visual and audio privacy. I can give short readings for your guests and a more in depth readings for yourself if desired.

Healing Circles

$160 per hr for up to 8 people

50% deposit non-refundable if event cancels with less than 24 hours notice.

Private Healing Circles include between a 90 min to 2 hr group meetings. During this time we will meet at a comfortable & private space provided either by yourself or a meeting space of my choosing. We will gather to share in meditation, heart opening exercises, and ceremony. It’s purpose is to help the body and mind to de-stress and the spirit to be able to come forward. With a better centered body and mind we can focus on expanding our love for others and ourselves which reveals valuable wisdom on how we wish to perceive and navigate our lives. We can plan together specifics such as if we want to do a tea ceremony, crystal work, healing dance, and more.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, readings and circles will be conducted with masks on and socially distanced. For outside offerings masks will be negotiated ahead of time and depend on the nature and environment and the offering.

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What do I mean when I speak of Spirit?

Spirit is called by many names; Goddess, God, Universe, the Source, and many more. Whatever name or word that references the acknowledgement that we are more than bodies but part of a cosmic whole.

Some people believe we have souls. Others that we are all energy. The point is recognizing that we are more than what this mortal coil presents to us and that we are never alone with Spirit, the eternal and never-ending source of love.